I have been in Christian ministry for 25 years. A beautiful journey with Sunday school children. (Hard to believe.) I have served as a music pedagogue, a story teller, Christmas program organizer, and as a leader in a preaching and ministry.

As a young lady of 16 years of age I started off with this huge responsibility. It was not an easy task and thought of running like Jonah but God held my hand and gave me burden to preach and work among children of Sunday school. Teaching them songs was like singing with angels. An overwhelming experience. Teaching them bible stories was like a fulfillment in abundance. Christmas play and preparations were yet another joyous time.

 From September we used to start planning and in December with a huge 1o feet high stage, all set in florescent lights was ready to stage the nativity scene. A mounted crib and a manger with children costumed as Joseph, Mary, shepherds, sheep, king Herod and the three wisemen, the multitude of dressed up angels in halos, the angel Gabriel approaching on the melodious song The Angel Gabriel from Heaven Came (sung by me and my friend). This angelic appearance in celestial lights engulfed the audience in a mystic way.

This had been my life’s routine of the year. Practices on Saturdays Working with the kids every Sunday, then Christmas play, palm Sunday’s performances, Easter singing, arranging kids Xmas party and taking them on trips.

I did all this till the age of 31 when I was forced to stop doing  which was my life, my breath my soul my joy.

              WHAT STOPPED ME?

In 2018 I got breathing problems and suffered very severe health issues, since then I am on chemotherapy. Since then I am forced to stay back at home on Sundays. Watching from my window the kids going to church, oh by the way I forgot to write that I am a daughter of a priest and lives in the vicarage of the church. Hearing them singing songs which I taught them. Watching them doing the same play of nativity which once I did with them.

Today I am 33 years old still unable to start but strongly believes that the Lord will again call me for His work very soon.

I’ve given my Life’s battle to Him for when He will fight my Battle the victory will be His.

No matter how severe my problem is but MY GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD

I lean into the grace of God to move forward. God is not done with you also. Never to give up is the nature of God’s true warrior.  Getting up after failure shows you have confidence, trust, believe and faith in Yahweh, Jehovah the Adonai.

Published by Zarah Clement


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